Getting nervous

I have been really excited about going back to school, but this morning, faced with less than 10 days til “go-time” for my boys and me, I have started to feel anxious about the whole thing.  I know, realistically, that I will be fine.  My house will not ALWAYS look like utter disaster has struck, that my family will get fed, and I will find a way to get all my typical “mom duties” done, but today has left me feeling really anxious.  I am making lists of things that need to be done in order to get ready for school, both for the boys and for me, and I am trying to organize my time so that I can get these things accomplished. 

Somehow, stuff will get done and life with Mom back in school will be our new normal, but in the meantime, I will find scrubbing the bathroom and ironing therapeutic because that’s my current normal. 

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