First week of school musings

I have survived 3 days of college and I am happy to report that I love it.  I am confident that I made a good decision to do this.  Is it going to be easy?  Nope.  Is it going to be a challenge?  Yup.  Will my patience be tested?  Absolutely.  Will my brain be fried?  It might.  But I’m glad I’m doing it despite the difficulties that come with being an “older student”.

The first day of school for both my sons and for me was Wednesday.  It rained heavily all day and that presented a challenge in and of itself.  I hate juggling an umbrella, but I hate being soaked more, so I added my umbrella to the mix of stuff I had to take to school. That was fun. I have a messenger bag that has my textbooks and notebooks (I’m only taking what I need for the classes I have that day), laptop and charger, my wallet and a few toiletries.  My bag gets HEAVY.  I was walking from my car on the first day and I thought, “I better lose some weight with all this walking and stuff I have to carry.”  Really.  With all the walking I’m doing and the lack of time to eat, I better lose a few pounds.  My back was sore the next day and I was really grateful to the girl who complimented me on my bag but suggested I shorten the straps for better comfort.  She was right!

My first class Wednesday was World History 1.  I don’t love history.  I wish I did, but I have a hard time remembering the details.  I prefer U.S. History, but I took that years ago and transferred those credits.  World History 1 and 2 are required at my school.  I can’t figure the professor out.  He was all over the place with his thoughts and I had a hard time following him, but today was better.  This will be interesting.  Fortunately, my husband was a history major and said he’ll help me.  My own personal tutor–isn’t it great???

I also had Writing for Media, which is a requirement for Communications majors.  I loved it–a very engaging professor and content that I love.  I love to write and, while there are many assignments, it’s easy to do that type of work when I love it.  She also encouaged us to blog or journal so we have an outlet for ourselves and so we aren’t just writing for assignments.  I was glad to hear this and glad that I started this blog!  🙂

Yesterday, I had Short Story 1 and Intro to Communications.  The lit professor reminded me of an English teacher I had in high school.  He reminded me of him in both looks and style.  It kind of freaked me out.  I’ll survive the class, but I probably won’t love it.  This is another professor who was all over the place and that is a challenge for me.  Maybe I’ll get used to it.  My Intro to Comm class was awesome.   I really feel like I’ve chosen a major that fits me.  While my concentration is in Public Relations, the program at my school seems very well rounded and that’s important to me.  It’s tough being my age and out of the workforce for so long, so I’m glad I’m going to get an education that will provide me with useful information to hopefully get a job. 

I love the library.  I’ve determined,  after only three days, that it’s my preferred place to study.  I hate noise.  I tried to study in a cafeteria while eating lunch the other day and the noise got to me, even while using my iPod.  I think it’s funny because on my first college go-around, I used to sit with a group that made a ton of noise and didn’t get a lot of schoolwork done.  In fact, we played a lot of card games.  Now that annoys me and I want need quiet.

Having lived in this city for four years, I’ve gotten used to college students being around and I’ve done my share of complaining about them.  In fact, I spend a lot of time on a street that I used to try to avoid during the day because of all the college students walking around.  Now I’m one of the ones praying people will stop when I need to cross at the crosswalk!  Most people have, but it helps that there is an elementary school nearby and a crossing guard on duty in the morning.  It helps in the mornings when I’m tired and cranky!

All in all, I’ve had a good few days.  I try to get a lot done while the kids are in school, so I’m not doing schoolwork at night.  I know I’ll have to at some point, but right now, I’m adjusting and ready for bed at 8 o’clock, so I’m killing myself during the day while I have some energy.  I’m also trying not to procrastinate–instead I’m staying ahead of my work.  With two kids, you just never know what life could bring.  Hell, my youngest son wasn’t feeling well one weekend last year, I took him to the doctor on a Sunday afternoon and he had his appendix out that night.  So I want to be prepared as best I can for whatever curveballs are thrown at me.  I also have professors who allow minimal absences, so I’d want to use them wisely if need be and I want to prove that I am a good student in case something does happen.  I don’t want to be the slacker that I used to be.  My very wise sister-in-law sent me a quote from George Elliot a while back that’s true: “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” My time is now!

One thought on “First week of school musings

  1. Yes Amy, it's NEVER too late! We are proud of you, but most importantly, it's yourself you need to be proud of – and hopefully you're beaming with pride right about now for doing something you might have been intimidated to take on years ago.

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