Skipping classes

Back in 1994, I could have been considered a professional “class skipper”.  I did it all the time.  It was something I did without a lot of thought.

I went to a Catholic high school where being in the hallway without a hall pass could yield me some sort of punishment, so being able to go to college where many professors didn’t take attendance was a whole new world for me.  I wasn’t going to get detention?  (I never did, by the way–I was a good girl!) OK, I’ll skip class….to go to the mall, or play cards with my friends in the commuter cafe or go to Friendly’s for lunch.

And then my grades started to bomb.

Really bomb.

Yet, I still skipped classes, until I was academically dismissed in 1996.  Ouch.  (That just pains me to type now.)

I wasn’t a student who drank and went to parties.  I was a student who didn’t know how to handle some freedom.  I grew up very sheltered and couldn’t handle figuring some things out for myself.  I commuted to school so my “unstructured” days in college gave me a new sense of freedom that I only really had there.  I still had to answer to my mom at night and on weekends and I guess skipping classes was my way of rebelling against authority and feeling free.

It’s amazing how differently I look at missing classes now.  I would only miss a class if it was completely unavoidable and if it had to do with the kids or if I was puking.  Too many of my professors count attendance and I have regular quizzes that can’t be made up if you miss class.  I would also miss too much if I missed a lecture–too much that I couldn’t necessarily get back by getting notes from a classmate.  I need to be there, so I get my butt to class every day.

I know the time will come when I have to miss a class, but for now, my goal is to not miss school right now.  I like it too much and really can’t afford to miss.  Too much is riding on this experience– namely grades and student loans!

**I know I said I probably wouldn’t post again until my mid-term and paper were over, but I had the mid-term today and survived and I’m taking a much-needed break from writing the paper. I had started this post a bit ago and figured I’d finish it!  The paper should be done tomorrow and it’s going well!**

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