A lovely day off….

Let me begin by saying Happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there!

I got to enjoy a day off with the boys today.  It was enjoyable and productive–the best of both worlds.  We went to get Christmas photos done.  Now, I don’t usually do professional Christmas photos.  I usually take my own picture of the boys for our cards, but this year I just didn’t have the patience or time.  It was nice to get the boys dressed in their holiday sweaters and and go to the mall, armed with coupons, of course.  The little bit extra I spent, compared to my DIY cards, was worth it because it’s November 11th and the cards are done and in my house.  Now I just have to address them and mail them.  I even have the stamps. I’m hopeful that they will be addressed and ready to go by Thanksgiving weekend and my card recipients will be astounded that Amy the college student is still efficient with her cards.  🙂

We also lucked out and were able to get a picture with Santa today, too.  I am usually one to complain that this is too early to do all of this Christmas preparation because Thanksgiving is still about two weeks away, but I had to do these things when I had the time.  Once Thanksgiving hits, I’m going to be dealing with finals and end of the semester projects and such.

I also wondered how I was going to feel about the holidays this year.  Was I going to be stressed?  Was I going to be prepared and just pace myself to get through?  Was I going to be able to even get into the spirit before finals are over?  How the heck am I going to play Super Mom and Super College Student and give my family a memorable holiday season?  The one thing I’ve figured out over the last few weeks is that things will get done.  The most difficult part of my semester is over.  I will have three final exams, but they are spread out in a way that I should be OK.  I shouldn’t lose my mind too much.  I have convinced my hubby that we should aim to get some decorations up and at least our artificial white tree up over Thanksgiving weekend and then we’ll probably get our real tree the following weekend, but he might be on trimming duty.

It will get done, it will all be fine and I will enjoy it.  When you see these adorable faces, how can you not get into the holiday spirit?

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