Making progress when trying to achieve a goal that has always seemed elusive feels so great. Getting my college degree was always that elusive goal, but then last spring I surprised myself and my husband by boldly declaring it was time to just go back and get it.

Next Monday, my first semester will be finished.  I have taken a final in one class and turned in a final project in another.  On Thursday, I have an exam and on Monday I have my last exam of the semester.  To be so close to the end of this first step is wonderful.  I can’t believe how much I have accomplished and how much I have grown, as a student, as a mother and as a wife.  It hasn’t been easy, and with the way my Google calendar is looking for the next week, it’s not going to be easy to finish this semester out, but it will get done.

This semester has also been rewarding.  I am a part of a Public Relations group at my school. This semester the meetings have been every other week.  I find myself rejuvenated after attending one.  I am also working on a special PR campaign/competition with the group and I love learning first hand about what I am studying.  I am thrilled that meetings for the group will take place weekly next semester because I am hoping that helps me carry the excitement I have felt this semester after attending the meetings.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as evidenced by my last blog post.  It’s hard sometimes.  I can’t always be the positive person I strive to be.  It’s tough around the holidays to balance everything and try to explain to people why I can’t do things that they want and expect me to do.  Sometimes my sanity and my studying have to come first and I just have to say no.  I hope to make progress with myself so that I can learn that sometimes that’s OK and I don’t need to always explain myself.

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