A fresh perspective

Confession: I wish I didn’t have to take lab sciences.  I have to take a lab sequence, meaning I have to take two semesters of lab science and they have to be part of sequence.  So I can’t take Weather and Climate, which I am taking now, and then take Biology in the Fall.  I think Geology is the other part of this sequence I am taking, so that is what I will be taking in the future.
I don’t love science.  I get some aspects of it and am clueless about others.  I haven’t taken any type of Earth Science class since my freshman year of high school–in 1990.  Yeah, it’s been a while. I think I took some type of non-lab science during the first go-around of college, but I don’t remember what it was and it didn’t transfer, so I clearly didn’t do well.
I was in my lab this morning.  Lab meets one day a week for almost three hours.  The lab professor goes over what students are expected to do, explains a few concepts once, and is available to answer questions while we work on the exercises.
He’s going to hate me by the end of the semester.
I ask questions–a lot of them.  It doesn’t register with me during the first explanation. I can’t help it. It’s just not my thing.
I was ready to cry during one exercise of my lab this morning because I just didn’t get it.  I felt stupid, especially when others were leaving rather quickly because they were done.  I asked for clarification and I was eventually OK.  All I could think was, “I so would have withdrawn from this 15 years ago!”  Then I realized it’s three more months.  It’s not the end of the world.  He’ll answer questions, so I should be OK.  My lecture professor is good about answering questions.  I’m keeping up with assignments and am not afraid to ask for help.
If I can get through some of the crap I’ve been through, I’ll get through this.  If I break things down into smaller pieces, it will all get done.  That’s the way I’ve handled life this week and will continue to do so.  Everything is on a to-do list–well, Google Tasks really.
Oh yes, and at the end of the class, when I turned in today’s lab assignment, I got back last week’s.  I got a 95!!
I likely won’t love it, but I might squeak by with a decent grade and will live to tell about it.  And maybe I’ll eventually recall more about cloud classifications.

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