When a celebrity dies…..

Lately when a celebrity passes away, many people learn of the death on either Facebook or Twitter.  News has changed.  With a 24-hour news cycle and breaking news being reported on social media, people are finding out news that they may not have heard about until they watched the news that evening or the next morning.
Because of this trend of getting our news via social networking sites, the conversations that evolve due to a celebrity’s death have changed.  Some seem to embrace the chance to “talk” about a celebrity on Facebook.  Others seem annoyed by it.  I don’t really have a strong opinion about it.  It’s part of our times.  If the talk annoyed me, I would avoid social media.
With the news of Whitney Houston’s death reported last night, many took to Twitter and Facebook to talk about it.  With these Tweets and statuses came many You Tube videos showing the singer at her prime.
When a celebrity from my youth dies, the constant chatter brings me back to a time in my childhood.  The news of Whitney’s death brought me back to second grade when her first album debuted.  I had it on cassette.  I remember when she performed on the show “Silver Spoons”.  I wished I had a voice like hers.  I also remember the constant use of her songs during talent shows in elementary school.
What I had forgotten about was the song “One Moment in Time”, which was recorded for the 1988 Summer Olympics.  I watched this video this morning after one of my Facebook friends posted it. Instead of bringing me back to 1988, it seemed relevant to me today in this quest to get my bachelor’s degree.  This song gave me goosebumps, not only because of the wonderful voice singing it, but because of the lyrics and the emotions I felt about my own moment in time.  Rest in peace, Whitney Houston.  I hope you are in a better place.

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