Challenging myself and the surprises that come in the process!

I lack confidence sometimes.  I question myself, question others, and generally can drive myself and others crazy.  Sometimes that lack of confidence has hurt me because I’ve given up.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to use that lack of confidence to my advantage and challenge myself.

As I’ve posted about before, I am taking a lab science.  It’s hard.  Last week, I was completely frustrated with my lab because I didn’t understand the formulas.  I got some clarification from my professor and turned in the assignment.  I wasn’t highly confident that I had completely done it correctly.

I got it back today and got a 97.  I am thrilled.  This is after receiving last week’s quiz back yesterday and getting a grade of 112.  Yes, 112.  Extra credit is a great thing!

I look at these grades and ask myself, “Who am I?”  Yesterday I thought for a minute that I’d gotten back the wrong test.

I am challenging myself to continue this streak and get an A in the course, but it’s a huge surprise to think I can get an A in a science course.

Challenge yourself today!  You might be surprised with the results!

One thought on “Challenging myself and the surprises that come in the process!

  1. Someone asked me today: Am I too dependent? Do I ask too many questions when I should know the answers? My response was: Often times you know the answers or have the knowledge but it takes confidence to realize it. In many cases it takes a challenge from someone or something to unlock that confidence. Once unlocked, the sky is the limit. Keep challenging yourself and be confident that you know the answers and nothing will be able to stop you from reaching your goals.

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