Have you ever felt like people don’t get you or don’t understand the place you are at?

That’s where I am some days.

I am a busy person and it’s a type of busy that some people just don’t understand.  When I tell people I go to school full-time, I don’t think some realize that I am either in class or doing homework all day while the boys are in school.  I have hours of homework every week, plus work to do for a public relations campaign, which translates to a lot of work to be done above and beyond the hours I am physically on campus.

Add in that I have two children, two dogs, a house, laundry, and a husband who is gone almost 60 hours per week.  My kids also have multiple activities and appointments each week.

(One of my professors yesterday asked me how I do it all and how I’ve managed to do so well when I have so much going on.  I told her I have no idea. I just do it.)

However, it’s frustrating when trying to make appointments or arrange things with business people because, unless I mapped out a typical day for you, it might seem like I have a lot of downtime each day, especially if I only have two or three classes that day.

This is also tough because it’s easy to feel disconnected from friends and family because some people don’t seem to know when to try to get in touch with me.  I do the best I can on my end, but I’ve heard a lot since September, “I never see you anymore” or “I never know when is a good time to call you back”.  Just call.  Or text.  Or email.  I will get back to you.  I know texting and emailing can seem impersonal, but it’s better than nothing.

I think the transition to always being available as a stay-at-home mom to going to school is different than if I’d gone back to work full-time working a regular schedule.  I don’t have a regular schedule.  It changes constantly and there are often changes from week to week, particularly when it comes to the homework load I have or the kids’ activities.

I realize this is something I’ve chosen and many days I feel empowered by what I am doing.  Other times I get frustrated by what falls through the cracks, especially when I feel misunderstood.



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