Life doesn’t come with a GPS

Life requires figuring out the road ahead on your own, and there is often times internal “recalculating”.

You always need a back-up plan in life.  Things doesn’t always work out the way we expect them to work out.  Sometimes any bumps in the road are a result of our own choices, mistakes, whatever.  Other times, life is cruel and bad things happen to good people.

As a child, I always expected to finish high school and go to college, do well, get a good job ….you know the drill.  I never expected to not finish college right after high school.  I had no idea that the fairy-tale marriage I expected to have would end in my late husband’s death after the birth of our second child.  But I got through it because I quickly learned to trudge on through life.  I learned that we need to make the most of whatever is thrown our way in life, no matter what causes these bumps in the road.

I figured out a while ago that if I wanted to change certain things, I had to make the changes myself.  Instead of being disappointed in myself for not finishing school, I had to make finishing school a priority and not look back.  Sometimes not looking back is easier said than done, though.  I get that.

Other times, life is cruel and we are forced to figure out the next step, usually a step we never in a million years thought we’d be taking.  How we handle these steps says a lot about our inner spirit and teaches us a lot about ourselves.  I never thought I’d be able to handle what I went through.  So when I look at my schedule right now, one filled with multiple due dates for multiple major assignments, I cringe (and sometimes want to cry) and realize if I take it one day at a time, sometimes even one hour at a time, I can get through the remainder of this tough semester.

What prompted this post is the fact that a good friend of mine lost her husband last week. This friend is someone who was a huge help to me when I was widowed.  Her husband had been sick for almost 4 years and she’s been through a lot in that time.  She’s handled what life has thrown at her with a sense of grace that most of us will never possess.  She was thrown a monkey wrench in life like I was, and she will get through it because she’s strong.

I didn’t know I was strong.  I never believed that I’d get through what I went through.  I also never expected to not finish school when I was younger.  I honestly didn’t expect a lot of events of my younger days to happen, but as I have gotten older, I’ve learned that it’s important to be prepared as best we can for life’s unexpected events.

Life is constantly “recalculating”.

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