There’s a reason you should go to college when you are young……(rambling)

I got to school at 7:30 this morning.  I stopped for lunch at about 12:05, only because a professor let my class out early.  I had class until 1:30, then stayed at school to work in a computer lab on a project until about 3.  I came home, did a few things around here, went to get my kids around 4, came home again at 4:30, dealt with emails and bills until after 5 p.m. and decided I’m sick of how high our cable/internet bill is, so I called the provider and was on the phone for a half hour.  I have saved us about $100, but now I have to empty the dishwasher, make dinner and get the mail.  And there are still 2 loads of laundry to fold and I have more homework to do.

I’m tired.  

I can’t wait until this semester is over.  

(Thank you for allowing me to vent.)

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