Thank you for following my journey this year!

So…..this school year is done!  It’s been an amazing year filled with a lot of self-discovery and new knowledge.  I’ve learned so much about myself and this, to me, is as important as the academics.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and friends. Last night, I was getting giddy about the idea that I would be done today, as well as the idea that my husband and I are going out to celebrate tonight–and he scheduled the sitter and planned it all.  He really does rock.

This year has brought many wonderful experiences and many more are coming.  My hard work has been recognized by others and I found out today, on my way out of my last final presentation,  that the campaign I worked on with my 3 other team members has won a New England PR award.  We get to go to an awards ceremony in June to accept it.  What a way to end the year!

I will be taking a summer class for six weeks starting on May 22, but that will fly by and one class seems like a piece of cake right now.  Then I get to enjoy the summer with my kids.  It’s perfect!

I had a conversation with my husband last night and we were talking about the fact that I really can do this.  Because I have an academic dismissal on my record from the mid-90s, I always felt insecure about furthering my education. I didn’t think I could handle college. Not only can I handle college, I can do well.  When I said to M, “I can really do this”, he responded, “I know you can.  You are the only one who didn’t think you could.”

He’s right.  Self-confidence is half my battle.

Thank you again for your support.  Thank you to those who’ve believed in me when I haven’t believed in myself.  



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