How did you get to where you are?

What led you to where you are today? What brought me to my major was the planning of my 10th high school reunion in 2004. I went to a private high school and worked on the reunion with the alumni office. I kind of became intrigued by what the office did and realized that a degree in communications would correlate well with that if I wanted to get a job doing something similar. I also enjoyed the actual planning of the reunion.

I recall at one point shortly thereafter taking a personality/career assessment online and realizing that communications just seemed to fit me.

In 2011, when I decided to go back to school, I realized that my current school has a strong COM department, so it seemed like the right fit. It certainly has proven to be.

This semester has been tough, but not because of my COM classes or my marketing minor courses. I’m taking a geology class, my last core course, and it’s tough. I’m getting extra help and trying to do my best.

I’m also interning with a university department at my school, helping them redevelop how they communicate with their audiences.

This semester has brought much excitement. I will be inducted into the communications honor society on campus next month. I also found out last week that I will be awarded a public relations scholarship that I applied for, and I will receive that in about two weeks. This is an amazing time for me and I am honored. It feels wonderful to be at this point in my life and seeing hard work paying off.

I had no idea that volunteering to plan my reunion would help me find the great things I’ve found. Ironically, I will graduate the same year as the 20th reunion. Good things can come to those who persevere.

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