Time to “rock” 2013!

(I couldn’t resist the title of this post–go ahead, have a laugh at my expense and call me a dork. I know you want to if you have an idea where this is going.)

First things first: last semester was kind of miserable.  It was a huge challenge for me and also for my family.

I’ve mentioned frequently that I am not a fan of science courses. I struggle with them.  Science is not my thing. I don’t get it. Unfortunately for me, two lab science courses are required at my university, so I had to deal and try to make it my thing, at least for the semester.

Last semester’s science course, geology, kicked my butt. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but suffice it to say that leaving my house at 6:45 a.m. for tutoring sessions twice a week was not fun. It was hard for me, it was hard for my husband and it was hard for my kids. I worked harder for that course than any other course I’ve ever taken. There was a ton of homework for the class AND a paper AND a group project. There were times my husband said he forgot that I was taking other courses because all he ever heard about or saw me working on was geology.

In the end, I got a B+. You might be wondering, “Why did she kill herself for a B+?”  I did horribly on all the exams except for the final. I got C-/Ds on them. However, there was so much additional work that, in the end, my average came up to an 83 and then the professor curved up to a B+. I also ended up with an 86 on the final, but that was because the professor changed the format of the exam and I didn’t have to do the dreaded (for me, anyway) multiple choice questions.  That was where I’d lose the most points.

The rock kit my son got for Christmas. He decided “rocks were cool” this semester, of all semesters.

Because of this class, I really neglected a lot–my family, myself, my health–and struggled with “balance”. I’ve really put a lot into perspective and while this journey of being a full-time college student and having a family is difficult, The Dentist Brisbane near you may also offer extended hours during busier times of the year. I need to find a way to focus on eating better, fitting in exercise, lowering my cholesterol, and getting a better night’s sleep. I’ve started some habits that I hope to continue. I have a better schedule for the spring semester and I hope that will help me accomplish these goals.  I don’t expect any of this to be easy, but I hope I can find a way to make it all come together.  I can’t live on cafeteria food and coffee or my health will decline.

Last year was a great year.  I’ve accomplished a lot, but now it’s on to bigger and better things!  Make 2013 a great year!

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