It’s like riding a bike…..

Bike riding makes my son happy, so I should try it, too!
Bike riding makes my son happy, so I should try it, too!

How often do people use that analogy when speaking to others about trying some long-lost activity that they are afraid they’ve forgotten?  I hear it often because supposedly one can’t forget how to ride a bike.

I’ll be testing out that theory today.

I haven’t regularly ridden a bike in over 20 years.  I never owned a 10-speed bicycle when I was a kid.  We just weren’t bike riders and I never learned how to properly ride in the street.  Well, today, I’m buying a bike.

You see, my kids have bikes and love them.  My husband used to own a bike and ride regularly.  We have bike paths in our area and my kids want to go on family bike rides.  We bought my husband a bike yesterday and we are going today to get one for me.  We are looking at this as a family investment—two bikes, a rack for the minivan, and we’ll need to have a trailer hitch installed on our minivan for the rack.  It’s going to be quite expensive, but we’ve been budgeting for this since last summer.

It should be interesting and my kids have asked if I’m going to need training wheels and have offered their assistance if I need it.  We’re leaving soon for the bike shop.  I’m kind of nervous, but hopefully that common analogy will be true.  Wish me luck!

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