Another school year done!

I am writing this just a few hours after submitting my final assignment of the semester–and of the school year!  It’s amazing to me that two years ago, I embarked on this journey with a lot of excitement, a lot of fear and a lot of hope.IMG_0857

I had no idea what to expect when I went back to school.  I remember having so many questions.  “Could I do it?” “How would I juggle it all?” “Was I smart enough to handle the work it takes to get a bachelor’s degree?”

I feel very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people along the way–from great professors, great classmates, and great administrators to great professionals in the field of public relations. There is a communications professor whom I had in my first semester, I had her this past semester and I will again have her in the fall.  She is amazing.  She’s encouraging, inspiring and she has a demeanor about her that I can only hope to have one day.

Yesterday, at the end of our final class meeting, she handed out the sheet in the photo below.  It’s so appropriate for me.

Cheers to the end of another year–and the persistence and determination that has gotten me through!

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