Well, hello, neglected blog!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

So, it was a busy summer. I thought for sure I’d have time to post here more frequently, but that just didn’t happen. I don’t know who I was fooling. I was busy with my responsibilities as Chapter president for my school’s Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter. Nine of us are attending the PRSSA 2013 National Conference next month, so it was busy getting all the logistics for this trip together. I didn’t completely neglect writing. I did write this blog post for our Chapter blog.  I had some fun with the kids, but often looked like this:




It was busy and I was juggling a lot.

Now it’s fall, and I’m glad to be back in my school year routine, but it’s still hectic. I’m hoping once the trip is over that life will get back to a slightly less hectic normal.

The kids have been great through all of this. They have had to come to a few PRSSA events on campus with me and we had a fundraiser last night and they are great helpers. They make me very proud and have learned their way around campus very well.

Here are a few recent pictures!

DSC02596 IMG_1293

So that’s that for now. I promise not to be a bad blogger and get back to it. With this year being my last year of school (really, where did the time go?), it’s going to be busy, but I know I’ve had a lot of crazy thoughts that should really be published and I just need to make some time to write.

(Clip art credit: www.kiddosandpups.com )

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