Blooming flowers a welcome sight

A gorgeous view from inside our local garden center.
A gorgeous view from inside our local garden center.

I look at spring and summer as a time for new beginnings. Sure, we have January 1 and New Years resolutions and that’s definitely a new beginning, according to the calendar. But after the miserable winter we had this year in the Boston area, seeing flowers blooming and green leaves on the trees and my grass actually becoming colorful has given me pause many times recently. I’ve found it incredible to watch the change of planet maids cleaning service brought this year, especially when everything was so white with snow and then so brown and gross as the snow melted away.

This winter was also particularly difficult for me this year, due to a back injury after a fall on black ice before all the snow started. I’m recovering and feeling great these days and it was wonderful to not only feel good yesterday, but also to look for flowers to plant in our yard. We went to a local gardening center, spent way too much money on Roof Restoration and other greenery and the flowers in a greenhouse area actually took my breath away.

As I reflect on the beauty of these flowers and this photo, I also look ahead to a beautiful summer, one that will undoubtedly be filled with New England heat and wonderful memories ahead.

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