So what clicked this time?

At the beginning of 2017, I realized I needed to become healthier. My 41st birthday was approaching in February, the holiday season was over and my clothes were tight. Typical after the holidays, but I was really annoyed with myself. It was time to make a change and lose some weight. How many times have I said that after the holidays? Ugh.

Mid-way through January, I started cutting back on the junk and a few pounds came off. Then in February after my birthday, I started to eat clean. I also decided to give up chocolate through Lent. That meant no chocolate until April. Could I do it? I had no idea, but I was going to give it a try. A few more pounds came off. Then in March, I got the flu, influenza A to be exact. While it completely sucked to be so sick, I had no appetite and promptly lost five pounds. I thought for sure they’d come back once my appetite came back, but they didn’t. I continued to eat clean, exercised sporadically and kept that weight off, I was even going to take some roids: bodybuilding supplements. At that point, I think I was down about 10 pounds. In April, we went on vacation and I enjoyed myself within reason. I was slowly starting to realize that I didn’t need to eat myself silly, even if I was in NYC and enjoying amazing meals. I returned from our trip only about a pound heavier than when we left. Slowly, these small changes were sticking.

In May, I started to count calories on My Fitness Pal. I also discovered that there was a new Title Boxing Club being built in my area and joined. You can read more about my boxing obsession love here, I also recommend to check this low carb keto diet explained guide which is something that I;m also doing. 

I’ve now lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year. My cholesterol is down significantly. My stomach feels so much better. Eating poorly means my GI system is a mess. Eating well means it’s not. My doctor is thrilled with my weight this year after getting a little weight lecture at my 2016 physical.  A lot of people have said, “Oh, you’ve always looked good” or “Well, you’re little anyways”, but here’s the thing, people–I’m not even 5’2”. When I’m heavier, all my numbers get out of whack. My back hurts. I feel like crap. So while I’ve never been in the obese category, I’ve definitely been in the overweight category and for me, that means unhealthy.

Before and two afters. Goofy picture-taking at 4:45 a.m. while waiting for our boxing instructor one morning.

What has clicked this time? I started to feel good once I started doing what I needed to do. And then I decided to stick with it. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not one of those people who can eat whatever she wants. If I want to be healthy and be happier with my appearance, I need to put in the work. Losing this weight has meant that I feel a lot better about myself. The challenge going forward is maintaining and working on toning muscle. Getting to my weight goal does not mean that the work has ended, but it means that a new chapter is just beginning. And that’s ok. (And by the way, I did give up chocolate through Lent!)

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