My love/hate relationship with all things digital

My lovehate relationship with the digital world (1)If I had to describe my current relationship with the digital world, “it’s complicated” would be the best descriptor. Back in December, I jumped back into blogging and started to increase my social media postings to help promote it. Shortly after the new year began, I started to re-evaluate how much time I spent distracted and on devices or on social media as I tracked my time for a time challenge. I have also found that every time I’ve tried to write a blog post lately, I have had an awful case of writer’s block. I know I have two or three unfinished drafts sitting in my Google Drive, likely because I’ve started some of those posts with a nagging thought of, “Crap, I haven’t posted in a while—I’ve got to get something up.” But I really need to write when it feels right, not because I feel like I should. And some of those drafts are about decent topics, so I’ll get back to them when it feels right. 

I kind of feel the same way about social media. It feels like a chore right now. I work in marketing and manage my company’s social. I can’t take significant breaks from social media, as much as I would like to. But the world we live in makes me frustrated with social. The “share” button on Facebook, as well as the asinine things that people post, like constant memes or gifs, make me hate social. (Seriously, not everything needs to be shared.) The fact that it’s a time suck makes me hate it. But the fact that it’s the way I communicate with certain people whom I wouldn’t necessarily touch base with makes me love it. Cute kid photos and cute dog photos make me love it.

But back to the time suck and distraction factors. I’ve realized I need to cut back. I’ve shut off a lot of notifications on my phone. I use the “do not disturb” feature on my phone at night. I try not to pick up my phone mindlessly because I’m bored. I’m reading books again. I’m trying to touch my phone less and not use it before bed. On the other hand, I just went back to Google Calendar because I went to yet another orthodontist appointment without my planner and had to call back when I got home to reschedule the appointment I’d just made because my son’s track schedule wasn’t in my phone.

So if you don’t see me around much in social media land, it’s because I’m trying to live mindfully, not absentmindedly on social or on my devices as much. And right now, that feels pretty fabulous.

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