The ketogenic diet – a new perspective on our body’s fuel

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I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I gained some of the weight back that I’d lost once I stopped being able to exercise regularly. Between that and just feeling down in the dumps about it, plus the holidays—because the holidays run from October when the Halloween candy comes out through New Year’s Eve when we gorge ourselves on Chinese food—I was eating and eating whatever the heck I wanted even though my pants were getting tight. Before I knew it, I had about an extra 15 pounds on me. I just checked my stats in My Fitness Pal, though, and the weight started to creep on a bit over the summer.

Because of this, I knew I had to do something, as did my husband. In mid to late February, he broached the subject of the ketogenic diet. I was admittedly skeptical, as I had visions of living on bacon and eggs. Since I have had issues with my cholesterol in the past and because I no longer have a gallbladder, I didn’t love the idea and really needed more information. If you know my husband, you know that when he gets his mind set on something, he will research it and research it and just when you think you have all the information you need to make a decision, he researches it some more. 🙂 So that’s what he did. For a good week, we both researched a lot about this diet. I know it’s controversial and some people don’t agree with it, but we decided to try it. Everything we found pointed to it being something we could try. I think there are a lot of assumptions that because it’s “high fat”, it can’t be good for you.

I was really nervous about my stomach because certain fatty foods still bothered me after my gallbladder removal nine years ago and gave me some serious GI….issues. I couldn’t eat anything creamy, like mac and cheese, broccoli cheddar soup, anything with a “cream of” anything soup, and sometimes chowders. I love ice cream, but I had to have small portions. The research and advice we found suggested that I have smaller meals for a while to get my body used to the increase in fat and that’s what I did. On Sunday, February 24, the day after my niece’s birthday party, the day after I possibly enjoyed Cadbury Mini Eggs, a regular Cadbury Cream Egg and everything I ate at her party, we were all in. All in. We meal planned, grocery shopped, stocked up on some keto friendly staples and took it from there. On day three, I experienced a bit of what is known as “keto flu”, which can occur when your body adapts to the ketogenic diet. I woke up a little dizzy, didn’t make it to the gym as planned and had to lay down a little bit before work, but after Marc gave me a big glass of electrolyte water and I had some breakfast, I felt better. After that, I was fine.

We did eat a good amount of bacon those first couple of weeks as we adapted to this, but now, we are eating healthier fats and we really have our macro nutrients under control. We both have a lot more energy, we can stay full longer, we both have more focus and we are much more aware of what we are putting into our bodies. We view food as fuel and we are learning more about nutrition. We eat so much more real food now. I feel so much better and don’t have the GI issues I had at all anymore, even when I made my own broccoli cheddar soup with heavy cream and cheddar cheese in it. Our food doesn’t have as much garbage and preservatives in it.

When I’ve lost weight before, I thought at times I was eating cleaner, but I was still consuming waaaayyyyy too many carbs and I wasn’t eating as clean as I thought I was. I was also cutting calories but eating sweets and treats when I wanted to and finding a way to fit it in, but it was still way too much. Our perspectives on our eating have changed a lot and we are still learning. We watch a lot of YouTube videos and have found some YouTubers, real people who’ve lost a lot of weight this way, to be very inspiring and we can learn a lot from them. There are also a lot of doctors and health and fitness experts who are really into the science behind the diet who have shared a lot of great information.

I’ll share more as time goes on about our journey, but between the two of us, we’ve lost almost 40 pounds nine weeks in. We also don’t crave sweets and carbs like we used to. That’s a miracle in and of itself.

Have you tried keto before? If you have any tips, connect with me on Facebook and let me know. 

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