Changing up the workout routine

Getting ready to hit the heavy bag early on a Saturday morning!

About six months ago, all I wanted was to get back to boxing and be able to hit a heavy bag. Now that I’ve been back to boxing regularly for three months and feel great, I knew recently that it was time to add strength training to my routine because I lost a lot of strength in three plus months of not working out. I mentioned to my husband that I thought it was time and he said he really didn’t want me to so much as pick up a dumbbell without meeting with one of the trainers at Title. It’s an added cost, but he looked at it as an investment in my health to prevent re-injury.

I’ve gone to personal training four times now and I’m already starting to feel stronger. Learning proper form is scary and exciting at the same time. It’s scary because I have to wonder how much bad form contributed to my back being weak and prone to injury, but it’s exciting to learn how to do things correctly and see small improvements every week. For example, I’ve been doing push-ups wrong for a while, even on my knees. My upper body strength leaves a lot to be desired right now, so I can’t do many traditional ones, but I’m glad I’m on the road to being able to more of them correctly. I’m also learning more functional exercises that will help strengthen me overall. I’ve never done more exercises that involve squats before (holy moly!), but I’m getting better at them and I’m doing them properly now. My physical therapist emphasized them with me during PT in the winter, too, so I’m glad I’m finally doing them correctly and don’t hurt doing them! It’s the little things!

In addition to the strength training, I’ve been trying to add in-studio yoga weekly. I’ve touted the app, Down Dog, here in the past and while I love it, I really wanted to go to a local studio to challenge myself and work on form to correct any mistakes I’ve been making. I tried a studio in the next town over and love it. I would love to be able to go more, but right now it’s a time and budget issue. I won’t be going enough to justify getting a membership that’s on auto renew, nor is that in the budget right now. But I’ll go when I can, hopefully weekly, and get the benefits of stretching my muscles, challenging my balancing skills, and quieting my mind.

Finding a balance for all of this will be a challenge. My body is responding well to boxing three times a week and I’d like to do yoga once and strength training twice per week, once with a trainer for a few more weeks and once on my own. I’m losing inches and getting stronger, which is the goal. When I gained weight this winter and then returned to boxing, I was so annoyed because all the definition I had in my arms seemed gone. I had been so proud of it because I’ve never really liked my arms and I finally did, so I was frustrated in February when I looked in the mirror. It’s finally returning and reminding me of how strong I am, both mentally and physically. I’m appreciating the little victories and little things I can do. I’m trying to overcome the fears of re-injury by taking certain exercises slowly. It’s all coming together and changing things up is just what I’ve needed to keep things interesting and improve my fitness level.

Do you ever try new things to keep your fitness routine fresh? Connect with me on Facebook and let me know!

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