I started a side hustle. Am I out of my mind??

Blog post 6.24.19
Is this stuff cute or what???

Don’t answer that. 

Earlier this spring, my sister-in-law introduced me to a new line of activewear, ZYIA Active. C is a wife, a mom to two busy teenagers, and a professional in the corporate world with a job that requires regular travel. She had just signed on to be a rep for ZYIA. In addition to everything else going on in her life, she has committed to taking care of herself with regular exercise and became a POUND instructor about 18 months ago. It seemed like a lot to take on, but it definitely fit with her goals of helping others realize the importance of regular exercise and taking care of themselves.

I was intrigued. Cute clothes for working out? Yes, please. I was ready to treat myself to some new activewear anyway. Perfect timing. Once I saw a few ZYIA pieces at C’s house, I placed an order and loved what I bought. I couldn’t wait to get more. As I learned more and fell in love with the line, I wanted to be a part of it. As far as direct sales go, ZYIA Active is a small company in its infancy at just over two years old and under 10,000 reps. I did a ton of research, asked a lot of questions and decided to hold an online party on Facebook to see what it involved. By the time the party was over, I knew I wanted to be a ZYIA rep. I didn’t have to carry inventory to sell, just samples for prospective clients to see (and I would wear), and the starter kit came with a decent amount, plus a $200 gift card for more pieces of my choice. Between my party hostess rewards, my starter kit and my gift card purchase, 16 new ZYIA pieces arrived within a week of signing my enrollment agreement. It was like Christmas! 

I have a full schedule already, with two teenage boys who still need my taxi services, a full-time job, two dogs, and a husband who works a lot and travels for business. I’ve also been writing more for this blog and working on another writing project, so why in the world would I add this to my already full plate? It seemed a little nutty, but I realized it was nice to add to what I’m already trying to do, which is to help other people be better versions of themselves and work on their fitness, diet and overall well-being. This is an extension of that. 

ZYIA has cute functional clothing that adds fun to workouts. I can’t tell you how many times I looked at uncomfortable leggings I wore and thought, “These are so uncomfortable. I wish these fit better and didn’t ride up in not so fun places while I do squats” or “I really wish these leggings didn’t show the sweat where they do. That’s embarrassing.” Having confidence while working out is hard sometimes. Representing women of all sizes with an activewear line that women can feel more confident wearing, both in look and function, seemed like a no brainer. And I loved the mission of this active lifestyle brand and promoting its four pillars of light, activity, community and uplift! Sure, it’s one more thing I’m committed to, but I’m having fun and can earn some extra cash. And I have all these cute workout clothes. Um, hello?? Nothing wrong with that at all. 

I’ve done direct sales before and swore I’d never do it again. I also did it at a time when I didn’t have my current computer skills and smart phones didn’t exist, so I have more tools to make this easier for me. I also have more confidence and support than I did before, so this is different. I’m excited about the future of my ZYIA business! If you want to check out my online shop, check it out here and if you have questions, please reach out! 

Do you have a side hustle? How do you fit it in?

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