It’s ok to change. Really, it is.

I frequently contemplate life and how I’ve grown during my morning coffee. 

I was inspired by a member of my Facebook fitness/wellness group to write about this topic. I know that I have changed quite a bit as a person in the last 10+ years. Now, while I don’t think I’ve changed at the very core of myself (i.e., I’m still a good person with morals and kindness towards others), my views on certain topics have definitely changed. I’m more confident. I’m getting to a point—finally, after many years—where I’ll speak my mind if I feel strongly about a topic, rather than keep my mouth shut. The topic, however, still has to be worth it for me to justify saying something. Sometimes it is just easier to keep the peace and be quiet, depending on the situation. I feel passionate about health and fitness and overall wellness. I prioritize health, wellness and fitness in my life. I prioritize sleep, whereas I was once one who stayed up later and got up early and therefore got less sleep than I should have. I have strong feelings about the quality of the food we put into our bodies, whereas I once only cared about the calories. I’m developing strong feelings about the state of conventional medicine. 

Here’s the thing—it’s perfectly ok to change. It’s ok to change your views on a topic. I think that it’s a part of evolving as a person. It’s also ok to decide you don’t want certain people in your life or you’d rather keep your distance from someone. I don’t like when people think someone in their life has “gone off the deep end” or is having “a mid-life crisis” because they make some drastic changes in their life, especially if the changes are positive. It’s important to be true to yourself and sometimes that truth changes with time and life experience. Priorities can change. That’s ok!

Embrace positive change. Life is too short not to be true to yourself!

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