My side hustle why

I feel like the timing of this blog post is just right. I joined ZYIA Active as a representative on Memorial Day and since today is Labor Day, the other side of the bookend of summer, I wanted to share some reflections on this still relatively new adventure of mine. I know some people who are reading this might still be wondering why I joined a network marketing company or you are dead set against these types of businesses and are wondering why I got myself involved in one. You might be judging me, too. If these types of businesses aren’t for you, that’s ok. If you are afraid I’m going to turn into a push obnoxious salesperson, you are dead wrong. I don’t do pushy. It’s not my style. I do believe in the product I represent, though, and if I think it might be something that would work for you, I’m going to mention it in a way that makes sense, but I won’t hound you. I don’t like being hounded myself. 

But after three months of representing this company, I’ll share what it has added to my life. Was my life busy before I joined ZYIA? Yup, it was. Has joining ZYIA made it busier? Yes, it has, but it has also added a tremendous amount of fulfillment to my life AND it’s made me a little better at managing my time. My house could use some decluttering that has been neglected this summer, but whatever. I’m working on that today. 

So here I give you SEVEN reasons why I love having this business of mine: 

  • Discounts on really cute activewear
    • I think that speaks for itself. I’ve also found ways to incorporate our pieces into my work wardrobe. Versatility for the win!
  • Working with my sister-in-law
    • I love having something in common with my sister-in-law (she’s my sponsor, as she introduced me to this line). We now chat via text or messenger multiple times a week. We support each other and bounce ideas off of each other. We can also help each other learn about our products. My husband jokes that I now speak to her more than he does. I love it!
  • Expanding my creativity
    • I get to challenge myself creatively–designing graphics, putting together outfits, and writing copy for my social media posts. 
  • Using skills I don’t use in my day job
    • I get to use marketing and social media skills in my ZYIA business that I don’t get to use at work during the day. I’ve been challenged to learn more about things I didn’t know much about and I’ve been forced to figure out a few things on my own and that’s ok. I’ve embraced it. If you’ve known me for a while, you know I love to learn and this is an avenue for me to explore new things. Having ZYIA as an outlet to learn these things or use skills that don’t get much regular use has been really good for me. 
  • Public speaking
    • I do a lot of Facebook lives in my private activewear/wellness Facebook group. Doing these forces me to slow down when I’m speaking and speak off the cuff. I like to think I’m getting better at it. Some are better than others, but any practice I get helps me. I’ve always been ok with public speaking, but better with a script. This isn’t scripted, although I do often have notes in front of me, so I’ve been forced to get more comfortable with it. 
  • Community
    • I’m part of many groups on Facebook for ZYIA representatives. I like witnessing the camaraderie in these groups and seeing women help each other. I’m also trying to engage more with my own community to share this amazing activewear line with them in interesting ways. 
  • Helping people feel good about themselves
    • I feel amazing when I wear my ZYIA. I want other women to feel good about themselves when they are working out or are out and about. I love when I get a message from a customer stating that her leggings helped a lot during her workout or that her sports bra was really comfortable during her run. I want to support women of all sizes and help as many as I can to feel good!

So there you have it—some of the reasons I’ve enjoyed this new side hustle. Everyone who joins a networking marketing company has different reasons for doing it. Sometimes those reasons can evolve. Sometimes they stay the same. But I can tell you from past experience, as well as my current experience, that there can be so much to learn about yourself and ways to grow that don’t involve the product you sell or the money you might make. I’ve represented another product before and while I didn’t have the success financially that I wanted to, there were reasons I did it and things I learned from the experience. Many many years later, I’m still grateful for the experience. 

If you want to learn more about my ZYIA Active clothing line, visit my website here. If you are interested in joining my private Facebook group where I share more info about specific pieces, outfit ideas and overall activity and wellness conversation, please reach out to me. 

And support your friends who have businesses in network marketing. If the product isn’t for you, be polite about it and consider making a referral to your friend’s business instead!

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