Fabulous musings: Community, support and kindness

Did you love the show Friends as much as I did? Well, a pop-up experience just came to the Boston area, it’s all over the news and I’m going next weekend. Could I BE anymore excited?

Hearing yet another news story about this event got me thinking about the importance of friendship, the importance of community and the importance of having people around you to cheer you on. Between this pop-up, my 25th high school reunion, Thanksgiving, my ZYIA community, etc., community is an important part of my life right now.

But my Title Boxing Club family—a community of people who all live very different lives yet share the love of hitting a 100 lb. heavy bag and support each other as we work towards our goals—is a community I didn’t realize I needed. We cheer each other on, see each other at our worst (and many times don’t recognize each other when we run into each outside of the club) and understand what is so awesome about boxing. We understand why hitting a bag is so therapeutic when everyone else in our lives thinks we are nuts. We understand what it’s like to go to a 5am class while it’s still dark out and leave the club….while it’s still dark out. We encourage each other to be smart when injured, yet we are also so excited when the injured is able to wrap his or her hands and take class again. When I was hurt last year, as much as I missed the workout, I missed the people.

Find your people in all aspects of your life—the ones who support you instead of bringing you down, who cheer you on through good times and bad and who are just there for you. Keep them close. And be that person to others. Don’t be the faux supporter who’s supportive to their face and then talking about them behind their back. Don’t express “concern” when it’s really fueled by jealousy. Be a kind human. There’s nothing beautiful about ugly behavior.

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