Reflections on 2019


My iPhone can tell me a lot about 2019. I don’t see pictures on the camera roll from New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day because our NYE plans were changed when our friends got sick. I didn’t stay up to see the ball drop to begin 2019, but I went with the flow with our changed plans and I was okay with it. 

Marie Kondo was all the rage in January and, like many Januaries past, I was in the mood to purge and declutter. There’s something about putting all the holiday decorations away that makes me want to clear out my house. It’s partially about reclaiming my home and partially about making space for new things. 

February brought about a major change to our lifestyle when my husband and I began the ketogenic diet at the end of the month. When I look back on photos from my birthday, which was 11 days prior to starting keto—we hadn’t even had a conversation about it yet— see two people who enjoyed an amazing meal with their kids, but who looked tired and unhealthy. 

Fast forward to other photos throughout the year, and there’s a twinkle in our eyes, less bloat and healthier complexions! We had more energy in 2019! I’m also reminded that I was able to find my way back to fitness after my back injury—I not only made a comeback, but I came back better and stronger than I was before. 

I’ve been learning to dream big in 2019!

While this year was filled with some difficult moments, I look back on it and see growth. I see the woman who overcame some fears on vacation and hiked and walked on rock. I look over text messages and see a woman who learned to not just say yes to every request, whether an invitation or a request to do something. I realized my time was valuable this year and not every hour of my calendar needs to be filled with something. I realized it’s okay to say no without justifying my response with an overly complicated explanation of why. No is a complete sentence. 

I also look back and see a woman who took a leap and started a side hustle. Oh boy, is there evidence of that on my phone—the photos are out of control, but in a good way! 🙂 I never would have believed you a year ago if you told me I’d do this, but the beauty of it is that my side hustle—sharing a premium activewear line—has helped me in other ways, including writing and other soft marketing skills I don’t get to use on a regular basis in my day job. 

As I’ve reflected on this year, I realized I had created a personal “19 in 2019” goal list early on in January and I came across it the other day. Some goals I met, some I didn’t. I’m okay with it. Life happens. I can’t hyper focus on what I didn’t do. Things happened this year that were life changing, in both good ways and not so good ways, and as the year went on, my priorities changed. When I look back, I see personal growth, regardless of how much was completed on that list and that’s what matters to me. 

A new decade is upon us. 2020 seemed so far away when I was younger. The Jetsons had me convinced we’d have flying cars by now. 🙂 I hope to carry what I’ve learned about myself into the new year and new decade. I’m not sure if I’ll make another list or what my goals will be for the year. Maybe I’ll choose a word again like I have in the past, maybe I won’t. All I know is that I want to continue to grow and show gratitude for the life I’m fortunate to live. That’s all I’ve got for now! 

I wish you peace and happiness this holiday season!