Take a leap of faith!

Are you thinking about the changes you want to make in 2020? Are you considering your options and figuring out what’s manageable, what you can actually do, what you want to do? 

In the spring of 2011, I was a stay-at-home mom to a first grader and a third grader. My days were spent trekking the kids to school, going to swim lessons, cleaning the house, making meals, running errands and generally keeping our house in working order while my husband worked a demanding job that required a commute that was ticking up to over an hour each way. On one fateful day that spring, I remember being particularly frustrated after bringing groceries into the house. The sun was pouring into the kitchen and it was beautiful out, but I remember being discouraged and tired of always doing so much for everyone else. I had forgotten something at the store, I was annoyed with myself and I wished someone else would just go and get whatever it was I missed instead of being the one to have to go back out and get it. The days passed by so quickly and I felt like I had little time for myself at that point. I didn’t love just being home all the time anymore. I wanted to contribute financially. I wanted something for me, something that helped me feel like I was using talents I knew I still had. 

I talked to my husband that night about going back to college full-time to finish the degree I started in 1994. He was 100% on board if that was going to make me happy. We had been tossing ideas of what my next steps would be but hadn’t taken any action yet. He knew the idea of me contributing financially could be a big benefit to our family in the long run. I remember that conversation took place early in the week and by the end of the week, he took that Friday off so we could drive down to the school I’d previously attended so that I could get my transcripts and start the process of applying to the local university. 

Within a few weeks, I had been accepted to the school and life as we knew it would change that fall. I had figured out my major and a course of action. We got dog walkers in place for our two dogs. We got afterschool care figured out for the boys. I remember spending the next few months working on home projects we weren’t necessarily going to have time for once I was a full-time college student. I got as many ducks in a row as I could. 

Your turn to take a leap! (Photo courtesy of freeimages.com)

That was a life-changing decision. There were a ton of moving parts, but ultimately we knew it was going to benefit all of us. 

Here’s the thing I’ve realized over the last few weeks–some of the biggest decisions of our lives that we’ve made together have been made after taking a big leap of faith and realizing we just needed to go with it. 

My husband and I are looking ahead to 2020 and thinking about some things we want to do in the new year. Some of them are things we’ve wanted to do but didn’t think were feasible. We are thinking outside the box to see what we can accomplish and are weighing our options—what’s smarter? What’s going to make us happier in the long run?

Not all decisions can be made quickly. I get that. For instance, I’ll never be one of those people who will up and quit my job because I want to travel the world. Not gonna happen. But joining a gym? Deciding to try a new exercise program? Deciding how to eat to change your health? Those are decisions you just have to make. Decision fatigue can be real and I know some people who just overthink everything. Seriously, just stop, especially if your overthinking tendencies affect other people. If you want to make changes, decide how you want to make those changes. Put a plan into place and figure out how to get it done. It’s never easy and sometimes there are many steps to get there, but just do something! Take a leap of faith into 2020!

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