The ups and downs of 2020

I had to check to see when I last wrote a blog post. It was January 22. That seems like….an eternity ago, really. So much has happened since then, both personally and in the world. I also realized that I really should be writing to document some of this insanity, both for posterity but also because writing can be therapeutic for me. But my goodness, where do I start?

Not hating pandemic hair grow out. I’ve since gotten it trimmed, but I’m loving it a bit longer…for now. 🙂

Since I last wrote, we have:

  • Decided to buy new construction in a newer development in our city with an expectation that the house would be ready in August
  • Sold our house
  • Moved into a temporary rental
  • Switched to remote learning and working (well, I switched to remote working–my husband’s been WFH since 2015 and his FT WFH status is one of the reasons for moving)
  • Tried to wrap our heads around moving during a pandemic
  • Tried to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s 2020 and we are experiencing a pandemic
  • Dealt with the disappointment of our son’s senior year being disrupted and graduation ceremony being adjusted
  • Dealt with the disappointment of lots of fun activities being canceled this spring
  • Attempted to adjust to this new normal of at-home workouts, mask wearing and social distancing, not seeing people in person and Zoom and video chats
  • Had more conversations about racism and we are actively trying to learn

Things I miss: 

  • Family and friends
  • My colleagues
  • Not agonizing whether or not I really need to go to Target or CVS
  • The ease of buying cleaning supplies and paper products
  • Dinners out (we are in Phase 2 of reopening and indoor dining just started last week)
  • BOXING–hitting a heavy bag and seeing my Title family

To say life has been stressful for the last six months is an understatement. We made the decision to buy/sell around Christmas time and got right to preparing to sell. It was a lot of work and then selling during the pandemic was scary. The whole thing has been tough, but sometimes it’s the ups and downs of emotions that I’ve dealt with that has been hard. I’m excited about our new house, but I was terrified about selling when we did in such turbulent times. I have been frustrated by first world problems–not being able to do things I should be enjoying doing while we are getting ready for our new house to be ready, like shopping for appliances and furniture. And then I feel guilty about being frustrated by those things when so many people I know are dealing with financial issues and job losses. 

I know someday I’ll look back on all of this and laugh at the absurdity of moving and building a house during a global pandemic, but 2020 has definitely made me feel about 10 years older already! 

In the meantime, I’ll remain grateful, give and support where and how I can, know that someday mask shopping won’t be a thing I have to worry about, watch lots of HGTV and pack again to move again later this summer. 

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