Pandemic fitness

Before the word quarantine was part of my daily vocabulary, my fitness routine was pretty much set—boxing 3-4 times per week with a personal training session focusing on strength training once per week. I felt great. I was eating pretty well. Despite how hectic life was in early 2020 as we prepared to sell our house, I was doing well. I was in a routine. 

Then we ended up staying in for a long long time. Title closed. Zoom classes and Facebook lives became commonplace. I had put all of my at-home workout gear into our storage unit. Then I had to get it out and bring it back home. I tried to figure out how to work out in a house that was loaded with boxes and stuff everywhere. I wasn’t very good at it. I remembered why I joined Title in the first place—I’m not great at staying motivated to work out at home and I like to hit things. 

I did the best I could. I tried to not beat myself up for my less than regular routine. Sometimes the live classes worked for me, other times they didn’t. Sometimes I needed YouTube. Some days I considered a 20 minute YouTube workout a huge success. Other days I ate chocolate. Hey, life was hectic, ok? 

Once we moved at the end of April, I desperately tried to find a better routine as I settled into our temporary rental, the kids wrapped up the end of school, and I continued to adjust to working from home. Eventually I got to a place where I walked when I could, tried to run when I could, and sometimes my biggest victory was taking a lunch break that included a quick YouTube video before I shoved some lunch in my mouth. I just tried to MOVE. Once I went for a 30 minute run, came home, took a really quick shower and dried my hair, ate lunch and was back at my desk in less than 60 minutes total. Now THAT was a good day! But most days weren’t like that at all. 

Once I told myself that it was ok, I started to sleep better. I started to feel better. As the number of virus cases in Massachusetts started to go down and life slowly started to open back up, I knew that I’d eventually be able to go back to Title. Don’t get me wrong—I was really nervous about it. But I felt some sense of…hope. Our new house was also really starting to take shape. Yeah, I guess I felt some hope. 

I’ve now gone back to Title and take as many precautions as I can. The club is taking a lot of precautions, above and beyond state guidelines, and I get to see my people. I work out with a face covering on because I just feel more comfortable with it. I love being back into my fitness routine, at least. I’m still working from home, but going back to my happy place is good for me. Will life get hectic again for us as we prep to move again in early fall? Yup, it will. But through all of the craziness, Title makes me feel a semblance of normal. 

Things could change at some point—and I truly hope they don’t, but I’m realistic—and I hope that if they do, we are in our new home and I feel settled and in a better place to get into a temporary routine. But the important thing I’ve learned through all of this is to be kind to yourself. None of this is what we are used to. Do what you can as you can. Find the best routine you can through all of this uncertainty, even if it’s not your normal. Celebrate the little victories. Just try to MOVE your body somehow. I promise it will help your outlook. 

Post workout photo! Sweaty and happy!

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