12 random thoughts after a blogging hiatus

  1. Construction of our new house was done in October. Moving twice during the pandemic wasn’t fun, but I’m glad we did it. 
  2. Somehow I’m old enough to have a kid in his first year of a college experience at the same school I went to not that long ago.
  3. If all goes according to plan, I will also have a licensed teen driver this spring. 
  4. I have a love/hate relationship with home decor. I’d probably love it a little more if my wallet was unlimited. 
  5. I’ve been bad about working out since October and I’m trying to get back into a routine. I’m a work in progress right now. 
  6. I absolutely love painting my nails every week. Olive & June nail care is the best and I’m so glad I discovered it. *not an ad. I really love their stuff.
  7. I miss being a student, so I’m trying to learn some new things in my field on my own. This blog, after all, started originally because I was a 30 something year old stay-at-home-mom who went back to school full-time. 
  8. I can’t wait for spring/summer. 
  9. I miss writing regularly–sometimes I feel like I have so much to say and other times I don’t know what to say. 
  10. We’ve watched all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek TWICE since October. Twice. Seriously, it’s one of the best shows ever. I’ll likely watch it again. 
  11. I enjoy working from home, but I miss seeing my co-workers in person once in a while. 
  12. I miss socializing, but there’s a part of me that likes not having a hectic calendar every week. I hope to find a post pandemic balance.
A recent Zoom boxing class I did from my basement.

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