Hi! I’m Amy!

I was a stay-at-home mom to two boys for 10 years and returned to college for a degree in communications in 2011. During my time in school, I wrote about the challenges I experienced, from figuring out when to do laundry and clean to my oh so fun struggles with the geology requirement I had to take. I graduated in 2014 and began working full-time in my field shortly thereafter.

As many women do, I’ve juggled a lot over the years and have realized since I turned 40 that, despite how hectic life is with two teenage boys, two dogs, a husband and a full-time job outside the home, I can take better care of myself, both inside and out and that life after 40 can be pretty damn fabulous!

Fun facts:

  • I appeared in a commercial for my college during my last semester there. Check it out!
  • I didn’t do great when I first went to college, but I met one of my very best friends there. We live 10 minutes apart now, spend holidays and special family events together even though we live more than an hour away from where we lived with our parents when we were younger. My husband refers to her, her husband and kids as “framily” and I think that’s pretty accurate. 
  • I have a thing for purses. Once when we walked into Nordstrom, my youngest son was about six and he grabbed my hand and said, “Mom, step away from the pocketbooks.”
  • I was a big New Kids on the Block fan back in the day and I still love them now. I met Danny, Donnie and Jordan backstage in 1989.
  • I’m afraid of heights.
  • I occasionally like mindless TV.
  • I love getting my nails done.


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